Runner's Knee

Runner’s Knee Do you have knee pain when running? Is it like clockwork everytime you go to increase your volume your knee flares up? Do you constantly find yourself changing your shoes every six months? Calling up your chiro or massage therapist to help you work out the kinks? Popping ibuprofen/advil just to take the edge off? What if we told you- you have the tools you need to overcome your knee pain. What if we told you- there is a pain you can run through just as much as there ...
Posted on 2023-04-05

Commonly asked questions in Physical Therapy

Commonly Asked Questions in PT Do I need a doctor’s referral before I start? No! In Massachusetts we have this handy thing called “direct access” which means at the first sign of pain or injury you can call your favorite PT (at Clash obviously 😆) and make an appointment. This is a good thing because PTs are the human movement and pain experts. Your PCP is not an expert, but more of a liaison directing you to the next person who is. Oftentimes when you see them firs...
Posted on 2023-03-06

Low Back Pain: It's not what you think

Did you know that low back pain is the main reason people will go to the doctor? Did you know that at any given moment 25 of the population has chronic low back pain? Chronic pain is anyone who has pain longer than 3 months. So as a healthcare system- what are we doing with this information? In our opinion- not much. We are putting too much emphasis in all the wrong areas. We are slapping a diagnosis on the patient and hoping that does the trick. With that diagnosis usually follows cookie ...
Posted on 2023-02-02

Strength Training for Women

Strength Training for Women Strength training. Some of us love it, some of us tolerate it, and some of us avoid it altogether. When it comes to strength training there are some serious benefits, particularly for women. Since people are getting on their new year’s resolutions we wanted to take the time to point out why it is so important for women to include strength training in their routine, as well as dispel some myths that may be preventing you from giving it a go.  First of ...
Posted on 2022-12-27

Why stretching something that hurts isn't always the answer

It seems like when something is hurting us- the first thing we think to do is stretch it. Honestly, at face value, it makes TOTAL sense. If you are feeling tension or stiffness- of course you MUST need to just do a little stretching. The muscles are short, so let’s lengthen them. HOWEVER, the research about pain is pointing out that it is much, much more complicated than that. Stretching isn’t always going to be the best option for those tight calves or stiff neck and...
Posted on 2022-12-05
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