Why Cash Based Physical Therapy?

Why Cash Based Physical Therapy?

           We want to educate you as much as possible as to why the next time you need Physical Therapy you should consider paying out-of-pocket working with Clash Physical Therapy and Health Services, Inc. I know you read that line and your first thought was probably- “Well I spend X amount of dollars on health insurance a year, why should I spend more money when I can go to *insert name of other clinic* and they accept my insurance?” That is why we are going to provide you with information to answer your “why?” We began our career working in traditional physical therapy clinics and quickly realized that the healthcare in this country is broken. Therapists are tied down to the rigid rules of insurance companies, as well as trying to juggle 2-3 patients at a time throughout their entire day. This makes them unable to fully utilize their skills to truly help patients return to a pain-free, limitless lifestyle. It’s not their fault, no one can be fully present when they are constantly having to redirect their attention from one person to another, but this is the way the current system is set up and their hands are tied. This can often lead to key pieces of the puzzle being missed and patients feeling unheard or underwhelmed with Physical Therapy as a profession. So, if you have ever been to Physical Therapy and felt like just a number- we are here to change that.

Benefits of Cash Based Physical Therapy

1.)    More one on one time with your Therapist

2.)    More personalized attention

3.)    Build a strong patient-therapist relationship

4.)    Yes, you actually WILL save money in the long run

5.)    More freedom to address multiple issues at the same time

6.)    More time one on one = ability to get to the root of the problem

7.)    Flexible scheduling means YOU get more time back when you see US less

8.)    Most insurance companies will reimburse for out of network services

9.)    Empowering YOU to help heal yourself

10.) Your health is an investment

You can save money in the long run

With this model, PT clinics don’t need to follow the standard of 2-3x/week for a 6-8 week period.  Because the PT is allowed more time with the patient one-to-one, it’s pretty standard to see patients 1x/week for ~60 mins on average about 8 sessions over a course of 8-10 weeks. During the one-on-one time each visit, we are able to help you get to the root of the problem. In between the sessions you have time to work on what was discussed in your session. More importantly, it empowers you to put in the work. When this happens, you start to get better, faster.

Take this scenario for instance: a patient with a high co-pay of $60 per visit who needs to go to PT 2-3x/wk for 8-10 weeks will spend over $1000 over the course of that care and that’s not even considering the possibility of having a deductible. That patient also has a higher chance of going back to that PT clinic after being discharged because unfortunately, they were unable to get to the “root of the problem” juggling 2-3 patients at once. If you think about it, they are likely only spending ~20 minutes of actual one-on-one time with their PT during the 60 mins or so they are in the clinic. That's a lot of money and time for little reward. If the patient is to choose a cash-based practice that charges on average $150-200/visit for a 60 min session and needs only 6 or so visits over a 6-8 week time period, you are looking at closer to $900. There is also a significantly reduced chance of you needing to go back there 2-3 months later because they were able to spend the time needed with you.


Treating the Patient vs. the Diagnosis

 A Cash based PT model allows the PT to treat the patient vs. the diagnosis. The PT and the patient, together as a team are able to choose the appropriate treatment method, without having to worry about someone behind a desk telling us “no we won’t cover that.” At Clash PTHS we do not want to be limited with the care that we can provide patients. 

More Time

Overall, the patient and PT get the time THEY NEED for a successful treatment. This model eliminates the need for constantly having to be creative with our documentation to justify medical necessity. YOU don’t have to worry about any extra bills on top of what you pay out of pocket. WE don’t have to worry about receiving denials on reimbursement. YOU don’t have to worry about getting approved for more visits. WE recommend an appropriate plan of care and treatment sessions for EACH individual. BOTH parties get more flexibility within the schedule allowing for MORE time with other things in life.

So, next time you're in pain. Don’t wait weeks. Don’t schedule an appointment with your doctor. In MA, there is direct access. Nex time, just call Clash Physical Therapy & Health Services and we will get you in for an evaluation ASAP. You deserve the best care possible and we are here to provide it.