New Year, BETTER you

New Year, BETTER you!

The New Year 2022 is approaching.

*Cue the FAD diets and unrealistic gym exercises*

C’mon we’ve all taken part in this. Sarah and I did a 30 day cleanse like 5 years ago with our friend “Vegas.” It was the worst 30 days of our lives. We ate chicken, broccoli, hard boiled eggs, and protein shakes everyday. Vegas walked in one morning at 7:05AM eating a green pepper as if it were an apple. It was bad, real bad. We were eating enough to just breathe it felt like.

Now I won’t lie to you- We did lose like 10-15 lbs each, but hello!! Who wouldn’t eating that way every day?! On day 31 I’m pretty sure we all indulged a little too much in pizza, donuts, and alcohol. I think afterwards we probably threw up from overeating junk food. It was also TOTALLY unrealistic to continue to eat that way. So, that is why we are here today to let you know- don’t cave into these FAD Diets and unrealistic gym exercises. Learn from our mistakes! I’m pretty sure I gained the 15lbs back I lost just from drinking water and eating a well balanced breakfast.

If you haven’t been told yet…..

“Your health is more than just a number on a scale or a PR in the gym”

*Read that line again*

Let’s think of our health like a wheel with each spoke representing a different, but equally important factor. If one spoke is out of whack the wheel functions differently. If two spokes or even three spokes malfunction then things are even worse. It is hard to know where to focus first, so we recommend you choose one or two things you are READY to change and feel are realistic. It is better to start small with things that will spike your interest and instill self confidence so that you will be ready to add on more when the time comes.

Only eight percent of people stick to their new year’s goals; the other 92 percent give up. There’s a key difference between the two groups: the people who succeed know how to set good goals.

What sets successful people apart? What does it take to be in the eight percent of people who succeed at their goals, instead of in the 92 percent who don’t?

Set a goal, but in a certain way. You need to use certain parameters and develop a certain mindset to get the job done.

Unfortunately, the second someone is faced with hard work- they give up. They don’t think long term. It’s a shame, because research shows that working hard (and sustainably) toward a goal that truly matters to you is one of the best ways to enrich your life.

With a little guidance and the right mindset, you can set meaningful goals and actually achieve them. Here’s how to set good goals, pursue them properly, and make it into the eight percent of people who stick to their New Year’s resolutions.

We took some advice from one of our favorites – Shawn Stevenson on The Model Health Show. He had a guest, Michael Hyatt. Michael goes over goal setting and much, much more.

Check out his website: or click the link below to read more about how to set your mindset for the year 2022!

A Key Mindset to Achieve More - Michael Hyatt

We also want to include if you feel ever so inclined to listen to the podcast. (See Below).

TMHS 260: Science of Setting & Accomplishing Goals with Michael Hyatt (


You can also check out Dave Asprey’s, Founder of Bulletproof, article for another perspective about reframing your mindset to be successful in 2022.

How to Set Goals and Actually Achieve Them (


Now some advice from Sarah and I to make sure your New Year’s Resolution works...

Don’t make it a weight loss goal!!!!

Why do we always resort to that?  Why do we want to start off 2022 failing?

Resolutions are dogmatic and in my experience a set up for failure. So, create space for lifestyle shifts and your 2022 will be better than good.

Here are some goals you could develop in 2022 to make a better YOU.

  •       Wake up 15 mins earlier 5 days a week
  •       Go to bed 1 hour earlier 5 days a week
  •       Have meaningful (technology -free) conversations with friends once a week
  •       Get a new Hobby by February to do 1-2 times a week.
  •       Run a mile in under 8 mins by the Spring.
  •       Play with your kids 1 hour 3 days a week.
  •       Make x amount a dollars more in 6 months.
  •       Travel 2x this year with family and/or friends-even if it’s just a long weekend
  •       Lose *insert % body fat here* by Summer (if you want to do a weight loss goal)
  •       Better work-life balance by March
  •   One hour less on social media each day


Take Away: Set specific, realistic goals with clear parameters for success. You must know when you’re succeeding and when you’re failing. Keep in mind, failure is a part of life. We all fail at times. It sucks. But we also know failure is part of the process of growth. So set 3-4 goals for this upcoming year. If you fail at one goal, focus on the two or three others and then go back to the other goal when you’re ready.

When you start establishing your goals for this New Year

  • Be Positive 
  • Be Mindful
  • Be Enthusiastic
  • Do not compare yourself to others when making these goals
  • Choose goals that will improve the quality of your life NOT just your appearance

See You All in 2022!!!