5 Ways to Live a Healthier Life Starting Today

5 Ways to Live a Healthier Life Starting Today

From Clash PTHS- School of healthy living


  1.       Eat better, drink water
  2.       Move better… and more often if able.
  3.       Be barefoot… more
  4.       Improve Sleep hygiene
  5.       Stress Management


Eat Better, Drink Water

  • When it comes to nutrition- we almost always over complicate it. People think it’s always the “addition” of something else that will help them. As if adding more to your plate will make it better or easier. We are here to tell you- that is false.
  • Maybe try eliminating or adding less of just one thing a week that you know isn’t the best for you. Ashlyn & Sarah LOVE donuts, but they only eat them once in a while because they know it’s not the best choice, but ok to treat yourself to sometimes.
  • Every person is unique and should be treated that way. What works for your neighbor, may not necessarily be what works for you. Listen to your body.
  • We don’t claim to be nutritionists or dietitians, but when people ask us about healthy eating habits- we like to cover what we believe to be the basics.
  • It’s simple- eat whole, natural, and whenever possible organic foods.
  • Vegetables are great! Fruit is great too!
  • If someone tells you fruit has too much sugar- delete them from your life. You don’t need that negativity!
  • Olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil are healthy fats.
  • Sit down, take your time, and chew your food- this is important for the brain to register that we are eating and decipher when we are actually satisfied.
  • Keep the processed foods to a minimum or as we like to say in a reasonable moderation if it’s something you can’t part ways with. We get it.
  • There is a time and a place for that donut, pizza, chocolate, or candy and it’s not every day! But maybe one or twice during the week depending on your goals. 
  • DRINK. MORE. WATER. Seriously, find a large water bottle you like- fill it up and carry it with you wherever you go. We have an analogy for you. Beef Jerky is dehydrated muscle right? Okay, that’s you without water.
  • I mean the list goes on, but this is the basics. If it starts to get more complicated or you have specific needs we have health care professionals that specialize in diets for all conditions and goals. We refer our clients when this is the case. 


Move better…. and more often if able

  • Another thing we over complicate is movement. 
  • Movement is simple. It doesn’t have to be perfect.
  • Start with standing more than you sit. Walking more than you sit or stand.
  • Try  yoga, martial arts, tennis, golf, running, lifting weights. Find what makes your body feel good and do it regularly. Sometimes the added social engagement classes or lessons offer can be motivating as well.
  • Sarah plays Rugby for the Worcester Women’s Team- The Shamrocks.
  • Ashlyn just joined TeamLink in Worcester to learn Muay Thai.
  • Both hobbies keep them active and happy.
  • Recent studies recommend 120-150 mins of moderate aerobic activity.
  • A combination of moderate aerobic activity and vigorous aerobic activity yield the most benefits.
  • Did you know weight lifting has been linked to longevity in recent studies?!
  • I mean I’m giving you advice which can help keep you young and help you live longer- take it!


Be Barefoot….More!

  • If you didn’t already know- we are huge fans of barefoot living.
  • We know this lifestyle is NOT for everyone and that’s ok.
  • We don’t recommend to all of our clients to purchase minimalist footwear- I mean unless they inquire- we will educate for sure.
  • We encourage just walking around your household barefoot for 5-10 mins a day if you’re a person who typically is always in some sort of “supportive” footwear or heavy sock.
  • Your feet are extensors of the brain so being barefoot a little bit more can stimulate your central nervous system in a different way. We won’t get into the specifics of this now-that’s for another article. But, trust us there are functional, therapeutic benefits.

Improve Sleep Hygiene

  • Sleep is important, as a lot of physiological processes occur in our sleep to prepare us for the following day. Especially, if you're dealing with pain or recovering from an injury.
  • Something as simple as establishing consistent sleep- wake times can go a long way.
  • Limit screen time at minimum 60 mins before bed. Typically 120+ mins is ideal.
  • Avoid eating at least two hours before bed. Typically 3-4 hours is ideal.
  • Make sure your room is cool so your body temperature can drop to where it's supposed to.
  • Make sure your room is dark. Did you know the primitive part of the brain can be stimulated between the hours of 11:00PM- 4:00AM if exposed to any bit of light? So darkness is important, otherwise your body is naturally going into fight or flight because it may think it has to run from danger or get ready to hunt.  

Stress Management

  • Stress isn’t bad. We need a certain amount of stress to continue to adapt and live.
  • However, for long term management you don’t want too much uncontrolled stress as it can cause or increase pain, anxiety, depression, and other negative emotions.
  • We all have our own way of handling it.
  • We will recommend journaling, mindfulness, arts & crafts, breath work, walking, light stretching, or reading for starters. This is all depending on the person we are working with and what appeals to them.
  • We encourage people to do things that make them happy, because that is important for mental health. Mental health and physical health are closely intertwined.
  • Sarah enjoys arts & crafts, meditating, and yoga.
  • Ashlyn enjoys journaling, meditating, and yoga.