5 ways to be healthier

5 ways to live a healthier life From Clash PTHS- School of healthy living         Eat better, drink water       Move better… and more often if able.       Be barefoot… more       Improve Sleep hygiene       Stress Management   Eat Better, Drink Water When it comes to nutrition- we almost always over complicate it. People think it’s always the “addition” of som...
Posted on 2021-11-18

Low Back Pain

Low back pain (LBP) is currently considered to be the most common cause of disability and time off in people over 45 years of age. It is reported that 84 of people who develop acute LBP end up in the chronic LBP category, as their symptoms persist for almost a year. If you look up: “What are risk factors to developing low back pain?” you are going to see a lot of medical and anatomical terms you may not understand. In fact, these terms may be triggering, so we advise aga...
Posted on 2021-10-15

Pain is a pain

Pain is weird and complicated. Did you know your brain itself can not actually not feel pain? So, if you think the pain is all in your head, well it is, but it isn’t. We will explain why if you continue to read. Pain is processed through sensory neurons called nociceptors, which are free nerve endings. These nerve endings send signals to the brain, also known as nociception, and the brain processes the information then basically decides what to do with it. There are various sensor...
Posted on 2021-09-10

Why Meditate?

Why Meditate? We are going to put this in perspective for you. You breathe so you can function and to be blunt, not die. You workout or train in a specific way to get stronger and/or “more physically fit” so you aren’t weak and can live a long,healthy life. You eat food for fuel during your day so you aren’t hungry. You drink water to hydrate so you aren’t thirsty. You sleep to recover so you aren’t tired. So, back to the original question- Why Me...
Posted on 2021-09-02

Why Cash Based Physical Therapy?

Cash Based Physical Therapy            We want to educate you as much as possible as to why the next time you need Physical Therapy you should consider paying out-of-pocket working with Clash Physical Therapy and Health Services, Inc. I know you read that line and your first thought was probably- “Well I spend X amount of dollars on health insurance a year, why should I spend more money when I can go to and they accept my insurance?&rdq...
Posted on 2021-08-19
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